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Play PS3 Versions of God of War Collection and ICO HD on Vita

Through the Vita Remote Play system, gamers can now play both the God of War Collection and Team ICO Collection on their Vita by streaming from the PS3. As the first PS3 games designed with this purpose in mind, the quality is vastly superior to that found between the PS3 and PSP.

In order to use this functionality you must first register your Vita through the PS3 (Remote Play Settings-Register Device) and then pair the device with your PS3 by entering the given code. It’s very simple and the result means that the Vita now displays everything your PS3 would. Of course there are, for obvious reasons, major limitations such as games and DVDs. The streaming is much quicker than on the PSP, however, and should prove suitable for playing games.


Of course, the God of War Collection and Ico and Shadow Of the Colossus Collection are now both playable through this system. So if someone else wants to use the TV but you still want to get your game on, the option is now there for you, so long as you own a Vita. Thankfully the lack of R2 and L2 on the Vita has been considered and the rear touch pad now acts as these two buttons.

This news comes on the back of various other cross-platform integration announcements at this year’s Gamescom. As well as the cross-controller functionality announced for LittleBigPlanet 2, Sony also revealed that upcoming title PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale would feature a cross-buy scheme where buyers of the PS3 version would receive the Vita game for no extra cost. Certainly these new initiatives appear to be something of a retaliation to Nintendo’s plans with the Wii U pad controller as well as their recent domination of the handheld market. The Vita, it seems, needs all the help it can get.

The ability to stream these two titles is live right now. You can check out some of the other cross-platform features in the video below.

Source: PlayStation Blog 


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