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Player Affinity Is Going To PAX East

You’ll be able to put some faces to the names you see here on Player Affinity if you come to the Penny Arcade Expo this weekend in Boston.  Keep an eye on Player Affinity’s twitter account for updates from PAX throughout the weekend.

And if you’re attending Friday, our own Charles Battersby will be moderating one of the panels:  Press XY: Transgender Issues In Gaming.

Whether it’s Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, Resident Evil or Final Fantasy, video games have a long history of transgender characters.  You’ll find no shortage of transgender people working in the industry too.  Join a panel of game designers, writers, and fans to learn about some of the most interesting characters in gaming, and the impressive lineage of transgender game makers.  We’ll also discuss the impact of sex and gender in blockbuster games that let players choose their sex.

Other panelists include Chris Avellone, Creative Director of Obsidian Entertainment, Rebecca Heineman, a founding member at Interplay, Jennell Allyn  Jaquays, the Lead Level Designer on the World of Darkness MMO from CCP North America, Morgan McCormick owner of Translabyrinth, and Eric L. Patterson the News Editor at EGM Media.

This panel is Friday at 3:00 pm in the Cat theater, the full list of PAX East panels and events can be found on their website.





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