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PlayStation 3 Rewards Delayed, Possibly Canned

Kotaku is reporting that the PlayStation Rewards project has been scraped. Originally, this was setup to reward PlayStation 3 owners just by playing PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network games or event participating in events on PlayStation Home. The rewards ranged from avatars and themes to even special all-paid trips to industry exclusive events. The Reward project was originally planned to be launched in April, but the beta testers were sent an unwelcoming e-mail with the following message:

"After careful consideration and evaluation following the PlayStation Rewards beta, we have decided not to roll out the program to the public at this time. We remain committed to providing the best overall consumer experience for our users, and we will be refocusing our efforts in the near future to further developing PlayStation Plus and our other network services. We will continue to find innovative ways to thank our loyal and devoted customers."

Let's hope this is just a misguided attempt to announce a delay, but it's really not looking so bright in the PlayStation Rewards.


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