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PlayStation 4 NEO Announcement Slated for September 7

"Will Sony reveal their new console earlier than we expected?"
Today, there’s been some word buzzing around the water cooler about Sony’s PlayStation 4 NEO. According to a few online sources, Sony might be preparing to finally, and officially, reveal their new PS4 upgrade. French website Gameblog announced that Sony will be hosting a large event in New York on September 7. While there are no concrete details on the content behind this event, Gameblog proposes that this would be a great time for Sony to finally reveal the PlayStation 4 NEO. The NEO was thought to be revealed during the Tokyo Game Show on September 15. Gameblog argues that the event on the 7th will be an even better time to reveal the new console. Tokyo Game Show They pointed to the fact that the original PS4 was revealed in New York in 2013. An early reveal would also put Sony ahead of Nintendo, who might be revealing their own new console, the NX. The reasoning might be shaky, but Sony trying to avoid being overshadowed by a full-on console reveal could be a good move. Even if the September 7 date proves false, we might expect some word on the NEO at the Tokyo Game Show. Both dates loom close, and that could bring high hopes for a relatively early release date. As I’ve mentioned before, all Sony games will be compatible with both the original PS4 and the NEO beginning October. This is to avoid separating their player base. It suggests that the NEO might be released around that time. We should be able to expect a release date announced at one of the two events. Hopefully that release date that ends with the number 16. UPDATE: Sony makes it official sending invites out to the PlayStation Meeting event on September 7th.


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