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Playstation 4’s European Release Date Unveiled?

Rumors have this week surfaced that Sony’s next-gen console will be making its debut on November 13th this year.

Picked up by the gaming site CVG, a picture has been taken of a promotional poster in a MediaMarkt store in Amsterdam and shared by a forum user on the popular site NeoGAF, which clearly advertises the above date as the stores release day for the PS4.

CVG came across the same information on the Dutch website bol.com but since the news broke out, the site have changed their date to December 31st and Sony have issued a statement refuting the claims of these apparently ‘speculative’ listings.

bol.com also have an Xbox One release date penned, with the November 21st being shown as the sites unleashing date for Microsoft’s latest gaming creation, which will put them a whole week behind Sony if either of these claims turn out to be true.

Of course the Internet is always a hotbed for rumors and gossip, but with two European retailers advertising the same information, perhaps there could be something in these new ‘revelations’ and we'll see similar dates for America or somewhere close to them.  

Do you think Sony is being forced to cover their tracks? Or do you think these dates are just the work of speculation on the stores parts? Could these just be European dates and not those of North America, whom we presume will be getting it first? Let us know your thoughts down below.


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