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Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Announced

After months of rumor and speculation, Sony recently gave up its silent act and announced their much-anticipated 2D crossover brawler. Currently being developed by SuperBot Entertainment, the game originally surfaced in hearsay as “Title Fight,” however, its actual name—Playstation All-Star Battle Royaledoesn't exactly roll off of the tongue.

Thought of as Sony’s rendition of the fan-loved Nintendo franchise Super Smash Bros, the game will pit up to four players against one another in various stages using their favorite characters from Sony’s first, second and third-party studios.
Each level in the game will incorporate elements from two different gaming microcosms in the Playstation line-up; so yes, those are Patapon marching through the background much to the displeasure of God of War’s Hades. Though expected to release sometime towards the end of this year, no official release date for the game has been announced so far. However, a wide selection of colourful Playstation favorites have been demonstrated as playable.

Many beloved characters you may or may not have expected to see have been shown slugging it out already. To be specific, the characters confirmed as playable in the upcoming fighter are Sly Cooper, Kratos, Fat Princess, Colonel Radec, Sweet Tooth and even Parappa The Rapper, who will be showing fans some of what he learned in that 90’s dojo. Look forward to stepping into the shoes of your favorite hero (or villain) from the Playstation pantheon sometime around the holidays this year.


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