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PlayStation Drama Powers Cancelled

"Power Outage for Comic Book Series After Two Seasons"
Comic book superhero drama Powers has ended its run on PlayStation Network after two seasons, according to a series of tweets by executive producer and co-creator Brian Michael Bendis on Wednesday. The series, which began on the network in 2015, just completed a 10-episode second season on July 19th. The reason for the cancellation, or if PlayStation Network will produce any similar original content in the future for its streaming service, is not known as of this writing. Powers-logo Powers was based on the comic books series of the same name created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Avon Oeming, originally for Image Comics before moving over to Icon Comics. The series, like the comic it is based on, focused on the adventures of police officer Christian Walker (South African actor Sharlto Copley, District 9, Hardcore Henry) and his partner Detective Deena PilgrimĀ (Susan Heyward, 2015's Poltergeist) of the Powers Division. The officers investigated crimes involving individuals with superhuman powers and abilities - people referred to in the series as 'Powers.' Powers The series was originally intended for Fox Television's FX channel before landing instead on Sony's PlayStation Network. Until May, the first season of the series could also be seen on Sony's Crackle online streaming service. Featured actors on the series beyond stars Copley and Heyward included Adam Godley as superior officer Captain Emile Cross, Olesya Rulin as Calista Secor, a homeless girl fascinated by Powers, and Max Fowler as Krispin Stockley, the teenage son of Christian Walker's former partner. 1 In his tweets on Wednesday, Bendis indicated that the show's run was over, but also gave some hope for show fans by adding "at least for now." He also assured fans that the comic book series would continue, regardless of what happens with the future of the television series. Currently in the comic series, a storyline called "Diamond Days" is currently unfolding.


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