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PlayStation Keeping it Simple at the Con

Ready... set... con! Right on cue, at 6pm PST, the doors to the convention hall opened and the crowds charged in, ready to immerse themselves in games, comics, television, movies, collectibles, and general sensory overload. Even preview night, open to those holding four-day passes, now feels just as packed as the rest of the festivities. 

The Playstation booth was a haven of relative calm--like a save point--moderately crowded, with just a select handful of games being demoed. There was actually room to get in and play a game or watch others play with minimal smashed toes and b.o. levels. 

While half the people at the con stood nose-to-Boba Fett-backpack in long, winding lines, many of them not sure what for, a few ducked into the white, arched structure to get a first look at Little Big Planet 2. Two consoles were designated for the much anticipated sequel. Gasps were audible in the crowd as people recognized the familiar ramps, levers, and colorful baubles.

In fact, the look of LBP2 is almost identical to its predecessor. The main differences, as announced at E3, will be the ability to create your own sack people, and to combine your own levels into whole games. The fun ensues on November 23.

On the opposite wall, cars crashed and exploded in the forthcoming Dead Nation. The Playstation Network exclusive features some good, old-fashioned zombie killin'. The graphics are stunning and action is nonstop.

The Sony folks broke out a full-on, arcade-style driving machine to demo Gran Turismo 5, which ships on November 5. Unfortunately, Sony has not yet come up with a virutal car that actually flips, so the player can fully enjoy GT5's rollovers.

The center of the booth was reserved for several PSPs showcasing God of War: Ghost of Sparta. The graphics and controls for the battle with Scylla were sharp and gorgeous. Fans will get some more insight into the God of War franchise on Saturday at the panel titled "The World that is God of War."

There are plenty of panels devoted to gaming over the coming days. Playstation users should get their fix and then some, even if it's vicariously via the blogosphere. Happy Con!


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