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PlayStation Network Plus Advantages

With the addition of Playstation Network Plus for the PS3 people have been wondering what advantages they would get from going to a free online experience, to one you would have to pay for.  Well today James Thorpe, PSN’s Product Manager, has started to get into specific perks the Plus member will have. 

Here are a few things that they have started, or will soon have available, only for Plus members:

  • Last Tuesday they released the Mafia 2 Demo
  • Wednesday was the release for Pixel Junk Racers 2nd Lap which is a newer version of the same game and you can get it for a 20% discount.  The advantage for the Plus members is that you have this download available now instead of another two weeks which is its original release date.  For anyone who bought the original game, doesn’t matter if you have Plus or not, you can get this new version free of charge, which is nice of them.
  • This Monday they will be releasing the Original PS1 Tomb Raider for Plus members two weeks before its actual release.

According to Thorpe this isn’t the extent of the advantages of being PSN Plus member and there will be more. I hope to see more because early access to content isn’t enough for me to want to be a Plus member but discounts are definitely a good reason to jump on board.  However I am glad that they aren’t making these games exclusive for Plus members since that just feels like a cheap way to make people feel like they have to pay just to get access to really good stuff.  Hopefully Sony will be able to keep up good content and make their online something Microsoft needs to worry about.


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