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PlayStation Network Premium Service Information

If the Playstation had one thing over Xbox’s online service, it was that it was free, but if you’ve been keeping up with the news you may have heard rumors about a paid subscription coming in the future.  It’s called the PlayStation Network Premium Service, which is not too catchy, but hey, A for effort.  While there isn’t a lot of information about it yet, they did mention that they will have more for the public in the near future, probably meaning E3.

For those worrying about having to pay to play your favorite games online, take a breather. They did mention that they will still allow free gaming as they have done in the past.  This is good for the community, particularly for those who can’t afford to pay, but it does make one wonder what exactly they plan to offer with this premium service.  They also noted that they are currently working on a way to talk to people who are playing different games than you are. 

It looks like Sony is finally stepping up their game (no pun intended) with the online community. Xbox clearly has had a stronger online experience mainly because of everything it has to offer, most notably how easy it is to go from game to game with Xbox's service, whereas with Playstation, you have to make new accounts for each game.  Hopefully this PSN Premium Service will be able to compete with Microsoft and give Xbox's service a run for its money.


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