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Playstation Rewards Program Coming Soon

Sony issued a press release informing Playstation owners of a new incentive program. Playstation Rewards is a free service that gamers can register for. The service collects player data such as new games played, downloads made, purchases on PSstore, Home interaction and a plethora of other actions made in the Playstation "ecosystem." The service will be tiered into three categories--Select, Pro and Legendary. Depending on how much you "engage" your Playstation, you will be enrolled into one of the three tiers. The actual rewards are still a mystery at this point, but the press release did mention exclusive avatars, themes, sweepstakes and giveaways--one prize being an all expenses paid trip to this year's Consumer Electronics Show. Playstation Rewards is separate from Sony's Playstation Plus program which requires a paid subscription, but access to Plus will determine what tier you fall into. Playstation Rewards is in beta form currently and is invite only. The service will be available to everyone starting Spring of 2011. Currently the service focuses on Playstation 3 use but it will incorporate the PSP as Sony begins to work out the logistics of such a massive program.


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