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Playstation Steps Up Its Downloadable Exclusivity with “Only for PSN”

A system is only as strong as its downloadable content, and with the announcement of “Only for PSN” this morning on the Playstation blog, Playstation looks to be throwing its hat into the ring with Microsoft.  While the Playstation Network was never necessarily lacking in content between PS1 classic releases for around 6 dollars a piece in addition to the more expansive, cross-platform games, the amount of games that were PSN exclusive were not as vast as, say, Xbox Live exclusives.  A while back, there was an announcement that Playstation had spent roughly $20 million dollars on content exclusive to the PS3 and the result of that enterprise is this program. In addition to releasing an expanse of downloadable games, Sony plans to release PS2 classics such as God Hand and Maximo: Ghosts to Glory. GEEENNNNEEEE                                                                                                      Soon.

The best part of this program though, is the fact that it will occur throughout this month.  Each week, 1 or 2 PSN-exclusive releases will come out, with some of the larger names being PixelJunk Sidescroller, InFamous: Festival of Blood, and many more.  The first of these releases for “Only for PSN” come out on the 4th, with all the subsequent releases coming out on the following Tuesdays, and though the announcement has only been made for US, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico, it is hard to believe that the citizens of Europe won't soon be playing along with those stateside.  


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