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Playstation Suite Coming To Android Phones

Remember those Playstation phone rumors that have been circling around for the last few months? Well Sony finally gave them credence at last night's press conference, but not in the form that we were all expecting. Instead of unveiling a Playstation-branded phone, as many had assumed would happen, Kaz Hirai announced the "Playstation Suite," which "provides PlayStation content to other devices," such as Android-based phones.

It is worth noting that the Playstation Suite is not the same as the Playstation Store on consoles. Google has very picky terms when it comes to third parties trying to distribute app stores on the Android market (just ask Gamestop's Kongregate app, which functioned as a virtual hub from which gamers could download purchase Kongregate games. It was taken off of the app store within its first day of availability.) It will be interesting to see what form Sony's Playstation Suite takes. It is also worth noting that if you dream of playing The Flying Hamster or other PSP Minis on your phone, you may have to wait a while. At the moment, the Playstation Suite only covers PS1 games like Cool Boarders 2, Syphon Filter, and Wild Arms. We will keep you updated on further developments.


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