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PlayStation VR Announcements from GDC 2016

"VR getting a cheaper option."
During this year’s Game Developers Conference, PlayStation made a huge announcement for their upcoming VR headset, and so far, they’ve come out with a strong reveal. The first two big announcements are the PlayStation VR’s release date and current price. The PSVR is scheduled to be released in October of this year. playstation-vr It is also currently set to be priced at $399.99, which is significantly cheaper than the Oculus Rift’s $600 price tag and the HTC Vive’s $799. Finally, the PSVR will also come with a demo disc that will likely include a few demos for some of the set’s launch titles. The big omission in the package is the lack of the PlayStation Camera bundled in, but Sony later said that the camera will be included with the VR headset.


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