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Playstation VR Launch Bundle Pre-Orders Sell Out in 8 Minutes

"Core Bundle pre-orders go on sale next week"
If you were looking to get your hands on a Playstation VR Launch Bundle pre-order, and weren't watching the clock for them to go on sale, chances are you missed it. In fact, everyone who look more than 10 minutes to place their order missed it, at least on Amazon. Don't fret if you missed it on March 22nd, though. Sony claims they will have another wave of pre-orders in the summer. If that's too long to wait, the Core Bundle goes on sale March 29th. The Playstation VR Core Bundle that goes on sale next week consists of the PS VR headset, its cables, stereo headphones and a PlayStation VR Demo Disc. The Launch Bundle that sold out included everything in the Core Bundle as well as the PlayStation Camera (which is required for Playstation VR use), 2 PlayStation Move motion controllers, and a physical copy of PlayStation VR Worlds. The preorders are a very encouraging first sign for Sony and the entire VR movement, though exactly how many pre-orders Amazon had to sell is unclear, whether it was a few dozen or a few thousand. With Sony announcing their intention to do multiple "waves" of preorders, it's hard to say whether the first wave selling out is a sign of overwhelming demand, or if supply was limited as a marketing ploy by Sony to make it look that way. It's also worth nothing that Ebay is now flooded with Playstation VR pre-orders for sale marked up to as much as 300 percent of the actual cost. So there's at least a fair number of purchases by people just looking to profit off of artificial scarcity. Either way, Playstation VRs are getting bought by somebody, so anybody who was interested in being an early adopter should probably watch the pre-order schedule closely from here on out.


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