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What is the Pokémon Announcement this Tuesday?

The Pokémon Company has announced that a “shocking” unveil would be happening on August 26th at 9:00AM EST and has opened a teaser page on it. The unveil will be aired on a Niconico live stream titled “Monthly Famitsu featuring Pokémon Special.” It got us thinking, what could be this mystery project be?
iOS Pokémon Game
This would be shocking, that’s for sure. During the Pokémon World Championships at Washington DC last weekend, The Pokémon Company announced that the PC/Mac version of the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online would be hitting iPads later this year. This game has players buy physical trading card decks and boosters for a redeemable card for the PC game that’ll add cards to a player’s digital collection.
The aftermath to this announcement was a drastic increase in Nintendo’s stock (alongside the announcement of Mario Kart 8’s 1 million sold in the US alone), and the excitement of thousands of digital and physical Pokémon TCG players. It’s one of the few IPs out there that can compete with the very successful Hearthstone in the tablet TCG market, and the userbase can only go up after this announcement. Though personally, I believe a Wii U version of the TCG only makes perfect sense too.
This isn’t the first thing the Pokémon guys have for iOS, and it seems that it’s a thing they would like to continue. There’s apps for the TV show, soundtracks on iTunes and most recently, Game Freak’s Soliti Horse is getting a iOS/Android port. It seems these are devices they want to work on.
With the freedoms that The Pokémon Company has with the mammoth IP versus any other Nintendo franchise, they can actually release a game originally built for iOS and Android, either self-published or Nintendo-published, if they’d want to. Though I’d think Nintendo wouldn’t be too happy with this idea, they would have no choice but to profit off of anything The Pokémon Company makes, either on their devices or others.
So what can the game be? It could be a port of a classic game, a new RPG, a spinoff, or perhaps a multiplatform version of Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire? Well speaking of that last one...
Pokémon Delta Emerald
This was trademarked a while ago, and with Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire getting closer to launch and becoming a focus for gamers worldwide, having this green-colored wrench thrown into the works would shake up the hype for the game, perhaps for the better.
The thing is, what platform? 3DS with the other two, iOS like I pondered earlier or (hopefully) a Wii U version and finally have a full-fledged console Pokémon RPG.
Pokken Fighters
A game I thought would get revealed at E3, this Pokémon fighter was teased last year and we’ve yet to hear anything since. There’s a chance this will be it since its genre would be “shocking,” but out of all my guesses, this is the least likely.
Great Detective Pikachu
Another teased project, this game has you as a detective with a Pikachu sidekick trying to foil the plans of another, rarer Pikachu. The game, which is hitting the 3DS in 2015, will use facial recognition and motion capture tech behind it to further the interactivity, but the shocker is that the Pikachu talks and will speak like an adult (since it’s a senior detective). The devs are actually worried that if perceived poorly, it can affect Pikachu’s popularity. And so far it looks pretty creepy.
Again like Pokken, because it was announced prior to today this game really shouldn’t be the shocking announcement.
Something Else?
With Pokémon, the options are endless. We’ve seen hack n slashes (Pokémon Rumble series), a strategy game (Pokémon Conquest), a racer (Pokémon Dash), a photography game (Pokémon Snap), rougelikes (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series), adventures (PokéPark series) and more. Honestly, anything short of a FPS wouldn’t be too surprising.
Also, this could not be game-related at all. Pokémon has dominated many different mediums besides games. From its 17-year-old, 800+ episode anime to seventeen movies to the very successful card game to the multiple manga arcs, a shocking Pokémon announcement could be another TV series or an entry into a new medium altogether. Perhaps a Pokémon sitcom or Broadway musical?
Well, Tuesday should be a day Pokémon fans mark on their calendars not just because a new Pokémon game will be announced, but it’s a game we should not be expecting. It’s even more enticing since it’s The Pokémon Company announcing this game and not Nintendo, so we can only speculate until then.


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