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Pokémon: Black and White to be released in 2011

Get ready for a whole new way to experience Pokémon; the fifth generation is right around the corner. Nintendo has officially announced Pokémon: Black and White will be released in Japan this fall. The news first broke on Sunday in Japan. Rumors have been spreading around the net about the game possibility being on the Nintendo 3DS system and will be in “3D”. Other speculations indicate that the graphics and the entire interface will be brand new.

Here is what we know so far:

-The game will future new Pokémon, Starter Pokémon, new region, and new gyms.

-Nintendo announced that Pokémon: Black and White will be on the Nintendo DS, but have not yet said anything about their plans for the Nintendo 3DS. Chronologically speaking, Nintendo has always released a new Pokémon game with every new handheld:

1st gen- GAMEBOY

2nd gen- GAMEBOY Color
4th gen- NINTENDO DS
5th gen- NINTENDO 3DS?

The move would make sense, but it looks like Nintendo might have other plans.


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