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Pokemon Black & White to Feature Video Chat

If someone told you that Pokemon was getting video chat, surely you'd think they were trying to mess with you, right? That's not the case, reports Serebii. Serebii, a website that focuses on Pokemon, received a pamphlet detailing the new features such as the aforementioned  video chat and "pass by" mode, both only available to players using DSis or, once launched, 3DSes. "Pass By" Mode is where two active 3DSes/DSis will sync up while in a pocket for unknown bonuses. Video chat will allow 2 players to video chat over Wi-Fi or up to 4 players locally... you know, in case you're sitting far across from one another and you don't want to speak loudly cause there's a baby in the room... or because sending a text message costs too much if you're trying to say something about someone else in the room without them knowing. Despite my mockery of the local video chat, at least it shows that Nintendo is trying to not only make Pokemon feel fresh but get more involved in the online gaming scene. If only we could get rid of friend codes... maybe those will be gone by the time the 3DS comes out? I'm getting way too far ahead of myself. Let's just hope for the best that Nintendo implements some more features in the 3DS that show they're trying to take online gaming more seriously. And, to be honest, it's Pokemon. This isn't going to influence anyone's purchase of the game. Definitely not my purchase of White.


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