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Pokémon Sun and Moon Going to E3 Too, New Trailer Details Characters

"More than just Zelda will be at E3 in one way or another"
Today a new trailer hit for Pokémon Sun and Moon detailing a few characters and the legendary Pokémon on the cover. https://youtu.be/XW14HO7C1Dg The cover Pokémon for Sun and Moon are Solgaleo and Lunala respectfully. Solgaleo is 11’ 02,” 507.1 lbs., is a Psychic/Steel type (that ironically makes the Sunne Pokémon weak to Fire types) and has the ability of Full Metal Body, which negates stat effects on it by the opponent’s ability or moves. Lunala is 13’ 01” tall, 264.6 lbs., is a Psychic/Ghost type and has the Shadow Shield ability, which allows it to take less damage from an attack if it has full HP. 26813140073_33457713ba_o 26813140713_1888450d11_o The last trailer revealed that it’s at the Hawaii-like Alola region, but we now see that it’s four islands plus an artificial island. The customizable main character moved to the region recently, and starts his/her’s Pokémon adventure. The hero/heroine meets several important characters like Professor Kukui, his weird assistant Lillie and a new friend named Hau. More importantly, you meet a Rotom that ends up inbahiting your Pokédex, giving the Pokédex a personality for the first time. 27420300665_3a2b8323e4_o27420301145_8bc3ab1e6d_o Pokémon Sun and Moon will also have a QR scanner function that allows you to register Pokémon on your Pokédex, which will allow you to find out where to catch them. 26811616034_db8e5cbaf5_o In other Pokémon news, Nintendo has seemed to back out of exclusively focusing on the new Legend of Zelda for Wii U and will add other games to its Treehouse streaming event. Pokémon Sun, Moon and the upcoming mobile game, Pokémon Go, will all be there alongside Monster Hunter Generations, Dragon Quest VII’s 3DS remake, and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.


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