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Pokémon X/Y to Introduce “Mega Pokémon”

Pokémon X/Y was already changing the formula a by introducing the new Fairy Type, the first new type since the original Gold and Silver versions, but the new issue of the Japanese magazine CoroCoro just revealed another, more startling revolution: Mega Pokémon.

Pokémon fansite Serebii translated the magazine and it states that this is a different form of evolution, which allow certain legendaries and third-stage Pokémon evolve by holding a Mega Stone. Unlike normal evolutions, these Mega forms are temporary and only last in battle as long as the qualified Pokémon holds the Mega Stone. The first batch of confirmed Mega Pokémon are:

MegaMewtwo - that new version of Mewtwo that Nintendo teased earlier this year. It has the ability Insomnia
MegaLucario – Has the ability Adaptability
MegaMawile – a Steel/Fairy Type with the ability Huge Power
MegaBlaziken – Has the ability Speed Boost
MegaAbsol – Has the ability Magic Bounce
MegaAmpharos – a Dragon/Electric Type with the ability Mold Breaker (and some sexy Fabio hair)

The trainer looks like they will learn about Mega Evolution from a new gym leader named Koruni. Japanese trainers will also have a Mystery Gift event running from the game’s launch of October 12 to January 15. Players will get a Torchic holding an item called Blazikenite and can become MegaBlaziken. That Blazikenite makes it unclear if the Mega Stone is an item or a type of item (i.e. Blazikenite is the Mega Stone for Blaziken’s evolution, and if there is going to be a Lucarionite-like item for Lucario). 

Also announced in the magazine are the introduction to “Kiso” points, with are already known in the Pokémon fan community as Effort Values (EVs). EVs are hidden values that provide bonus stat points when they defeat certain Pokémon in battle. Pokémon X/Y will have a training center dedicated to EV training.

I gotta admit, this is one of the biggest, and strangest, changes in the Pokémon formula and there’s still much more to learn. Pokémon X and Y release worldwide on October 12th only for the 3DS.


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