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Pornstar Lands Entourage Role

The HBO series Entourage has recruited the talents of yet another pornstar to join Sasha Grey on set. Rather surprisingly, the adult performer is not a busty young blonde, but rather, tall, dark and hung like a mutant donkey. The gentleman in question is one 'Tommy Gunn' (almost definitely his real name), who has starred in classics such as Everybody Needs MILF and my personal favorite Teen Alien Sex Dreams.

According to XBIZ, Tommy Gunn will appear in a single episode of the HBO drama, with presently no details on when it will air. He has been cast as the ex-boyfriend of another adult star who recently joined the show, Sasha Grey. Although Mr Gunn admits his appearance will be brief, he assures us that “I did get some dialogue with the lead characters. In the scene, I play Sasha's ex and there's a lot of tension while she introduces me to her new boyfriend." I’ve witnessed the tension that this man can produce and have myself been rigid with anticipation watching his performances.

So have the producers of Entourage uncovered an untapped source of ‘naked talent’, or is it merely cheap gimmickry aimed at boosting decreasing viewer figures? Whatever the case, this better not interfere with production on MILF and Cookies 2, otherwise I’m going to be writing one very stern letter.

Season 7 of Entourage continues on Sundays at 10.30pm on HBO.



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