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Portal 2 Is Cross-Platform On PS3 WIth PC/Mac

"We made a promise to gamers at E3 that Portal 2 for the PlayStation 3 would be the best console version of the product," stated Gabe Newell, president and confounded of Valve. I'm sure many of you are with me on this when I asked myself, "And how so, Gabe?".

Now we're getting a glimpse as to why this is so. Sony and Valve have put together an enticing reason to buy the PlayStation 3 version by offering their customers the ability to play each other across different platforms. This means that the PC, Mac, and PlayStation 3 version will all be compatible with each other for multiplayer.

And if that wasn't good enough, buying the PlayStation 3 version will give you a copy of Portal 2 on the PC and Mac as well. Steam will be integrated into the PlayStation 3, so expect to see your complete Steam friend's list on PlayStation 3 for now on. Does this mean mouse and keyboard support as well? No word on that yet, but if you own a PC or Mac and a PlayStation 3, and you planned on picking up Portal 2 anyway (which we know you are), then you might as well get it on the PlayStation 3 since you're going to get a heck of a bundled package.

Portal 2 will be available this April on PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.


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