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Portal 2 (PS3) Review

Portal changed gaming. There is no way around it. It was imaginative, funny, and just a hell of a lot of fun. However, when Valve announced Portal 2, I wasn't too sure about it. But you will be happy to know that it is easily better!

Portal 2 takes place after the end of the first game, and your failure to get cake. You wake up many years after the first game and you can obviously tell. It almost looks like someone took a wrecking ball to the place. Though upon GlaDOS's return it does change back to the same Aperture Science building you remember. This time Chell is not alone. She has the quirky personality core Wheatley at her side, as well as other interesting sources that are there to give you hints and poke fun at you. The game takes many twists and turns, and faster than you can say “potato” you find yourself in many other locations unlike the first.

The main gameplay is the same for the most part. You still have to be thinking with portals, but now there are new little things that will challenge you. The most prominent of these are the gels. The blue gel causes you to be thrown up into the air and will allow you to reach higher points (with some brain power). The orange gel allows you to run incredibly fast, if not too fast, when you're on it. Lastly there is the white gel, which allows you to convert surfaces into more portal friendly ones. The puzzles eventually get incredibly complex and you will be scratching your head on some of them. However, don't be discouraged enough to quit. Perseverance is still the key, as well as a lot of trial and error.

The game's look for the most part is a step up from the last. It won't take the cake, but the different areas and great lighting does make it equally moist and delicious. Probably the only sour thing in the game are the load times. You'll find yourself sitting and waiting for more, and given that the game is so good it is almost tortures you at times – though it still barely hampers the experience.

Overall Portal 2 stretches the experience of the first game, but never loses any of the quality. Portal 2 easily surpasses the first and can even label the first Portal as just the beta for this game. It will easily be some of the best 10 hours you will spend gaming and the most challenging. It's just too bad there's no cake.

(We will be updating with the Multiplayer review as soon as the PSN network is back online.)



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