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Predator Steps into the Dark Ages

Calling all Predator fans! Those who remember some relatively recent talk about a reboot film of the Predator franchise might be happy to learn that some fans are out making their own story featuring the master hunter. Enter: Predator - Dark Ages. The film was written and directed by James Bushe, and  yes, it looks every bit as cool as it sounds. Live for Films has exclusive images and a teaser trailer however, if you cannot stand to deal with another click to get to this treat of sweetness, you could also just check it out here: Predator: Dark Ages Trailer Why the Dark Ages? If you have seen the any of the Predator movies, you might have concluded that the hunting species has existed for centuries so, it makes some considerable amount of sense that a Predator might have popped up during the time when the Templar Knights protected their homeland. We will be anxiously waiting to find out when we can check this out, but in the meantime, let us know what you think! Cool or cheesy?


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