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‘Premium Rush’ Trailer Delivers the Stunts

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Shannon sure are having a great year. Both have significant awards buzz for their respective turns in 50/50 and Take Shelter. Over the years, the actors have built up a strong filmography and even more impressive résumé of performances.

Both Gordon-Levitt and Shannon are extremely talented actors who can take roles and run with them – or, in the case of Premium Rush, ride with them. Gordon-Levitt leads the film as a bicyclist hired for quick transport; Shannon embodies the villain trying to get in his way, though we’re unsure of his motives. Jamie Chung from Sucker Punch also stars.

To be frank, it looks rather silly, but it’s difficult to imagine that both Gordon-Levitt and Shannon would align themselves with a weak project at such a make-it-or-break-it point in their respective careers. It’s also worth keeping in mind that initially inane-seeming concepts in thrillers can sometimes take audiences on genuinely exciting rides (pun intended).

Perhaps foolishly so, I’ll put some faith in Premium Rush for the moment. Check out the trailer below and decide whether or not you’ll rush to see it when it hits theaters next year on Jan. 13.



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