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Starcraft 2 is coming, and as expected, a tidal wave of expensive hardware is coming as well to coincide with Blizzard's upcoming RTS. Premium mice and keyboards are being created by Razer, who also worked on a special World of Warcraft mouse as well. The mouse is called the Spectre, and it's running for $79.99. The features you get for the price are 5 buttons, multicolor LED lights that change dynamically for performance feedback, as well as looking nice. If you want to get sensitivity, the Spectre has that as well, with a 5600 DPI laser sensor, that is "tournament ready."

The Marauder keyboard by Razer is made to be used with the Spectre, although all it really has in common is the multicolor LED lights. The Marauder will cost you $119.99, and if you want the complete Starcraft-2-Razer-Hardware-Set, you can buy the Banshee, a $119.99 headset with the multicolor LED lights, adjustable pitch, volume, equalizer, and made with a detachable microphone. The whole set costs around $320, so for Starcraft 2 enthusiasts, it's an OK deal, but it just doesn't interest me that much. Then again, I'm not the one Blizzard's targeting with these.


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