Turn off the Lights

Preview Time – ’68 #1

We have an advanced review of this book already, but here's a preview of the first issue from Image. As for what the book is about, I'll let Kevin's review say it: Welcome to 1968 and welcome to hell. In US Firebase Aries Central Highland, Vietnam. A Chinese-American by the name of Kuen (Sweet-Potato) Yam and a small platoon of solders are sent to investigate a series of attacks from a Vietnamese mortar pit. Before they head out, the base it attacked by a VC sniper, the same sniper that Corporal Love killed earlier. As Love takes aim he is shocked to see the same VC he killed is the one doing the shooting. Now half a klik from base camp Aries, Yam and his platoon are in the midst of taking out the enemy mortar team. After the carnage they discover a fox hole and due to his size, Yam volunteers to clear it out. Finsh reading the review here.

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