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Preview Time – Li’l Depressed Boy #3

We are hitting you up with a ton of previews this week and hopefully you're enjoying it (because we have like two or three more for you!). Up this time is Li'l Depressed Boy #3 which looks to be just as good as the last issue which was reviewed by Nicole. Here's what she said about the issue: the characters and constant humor are great for taking your mind off of a stressful day and doing what was meant to be done with a comic: laughing hysterically while forgetting the rest of the world exists before turning to the last page and realizing you have to wait another month to enjoy the next issue of Li'l Depressed Boy. Well it's the next month so here you go!

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Page 5We'll have a review for the issue later, but in the meantime check out the full review for the second issue here.


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