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Preview Time – Mouse Guard: The Black Axe #2

Mouse Guard is a great series and one that we really enjoy here at PAC as you can see from the rave reviews it gets from us. It's been a while since the first issue fo the The Black Axe so take a refresher and read the review of the first issue and then dig into the preview.

From Archaia: 

Retail Price: $3.50 U.S.

Page Count: 24 pages
Format: saddle bound, 8” x 8”, full color
On-sale Date: May 4, 2011
Written by David Petersen
Illustrated by David Petersen
Cover by David Petersen
The new volume of the Eisner Award-winning MOUSE GUARD series continues! Celanawe, honor bound by his loyalty to his Guard Matriarch, accompanies Em, his only living relative to Port Sumac. There they find a mouse just brave or crazy enough to take them across the sea and beyond the record of any map. This long sea voyage gives Em the time to explain to Celanawe about her instance for the journey and how their fates will forever be tied to the Black Axe.

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