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Preview Time – Neal Adams on New Avengers

Neal Adams is doing art on an Avengers book! Say What?! That is awesome. I might pick this book up just on Neal Adams' art. The man can sure draw. Here are some pencils of New Avengers #16.1 drawn by Neal Adams and let me say that it looks great.

From the Marvel website:

This September, writer Brian Michael Bendis gets some very special help on NEW AVENGERS #16.1--part of Marvel's Point One initiative--from none other than Neal Adams!

The legendary artist made an unforgettable mark on Earth's Mightiest Heroes nearly 40 years ago when he brought the unforgettable Kree-Skrull War to life and now he's back to help the New Avengers embrace some major changes ahead in the face of Fear Itself. However, Adams won't be the only familiar face making his return in NEW AVENGERS #16.1 as the sinister Norman Osborn also makes his way back into the Marvel Universe!

Check out Adams' initial pencils below and stay tuned to Marvel.com this week for more on what's coming up for NEW AVENGERS!



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