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Preview Time – Spaced Warped #1

We're back with a large preview of Spaced Warped 1 coming from Kaboom! It's the first ten pages of the book and frankly it looks pretty funny. It avoids most of the usual jabs at the source material and switches it up enough to be different. If you can't figure out the source material... I have nothing to say to you then. Enjoy the preview and here's what Boom! had to say about the book:

Far away, in a land long ago...there was an orphaned farm kid with daddy issues trying to rescue an orphaned princess unaware of her daddy issues! In the tradition of ROBOT CHICKEN: STAR WARS and SPACEBALLS comes a loving, affectionate parody of the greatest science fiction franchise of all time! The first of a two-issue mini-series, this is a fan-pleasing romp that skewers one of the greatest adventure stories ever! SPACE WARPED #1 debuts this June written by Hervé Bourhis with hilarious art by Rudy Spiessert. This title ships with a price point of $3.99 and a Diamond Code of APR110907.

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