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Preview Time – The Lives of Sacco & Vanzetti

This is a bit different from our normal preview, but that's what we do here at Player Affinity. We present you the entire world of comics not just million dollar companies pumping out watered down monthly titles. This time we have a preview for The Lives of Sacco & Vanzetti from NBM Publishing. We previously announced it here, so you can read more about the book before enjoying the preview.

Here's what NBM had to say:

Anarchists Sacco & Vanzetti were accused of robbery and murder but so many supposedly damning pieces of evidence were questionable their guilty verdict elicited massive protests around the world. Tackling the most controversial case of the 20th century, Geary presents us with all the twists and turns, appeals and dubious evidence after presenting us the human face of the two men, demonized by many, turned to martyrs by many others in his usual unflappable way.

We are currently taking orders for The Special Treasury Edition which is available only directly from us by mail and online and strictly limited to 25 numbered copies.  This book is specially bound in real cloth and includes an original plate signed and numbered by Rick Geary, with a silver-stamped jacket, the book can also be signed to a specific person upon request.  This edition is available for $50 with a first come, lowest numbers served.  Personalization requests can be sent to [email protected] 

The Lives of Sacco and Vazetti Cover
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