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Prey 2 Sees New Developer & Shocking Release Date

Few games have been stuck in the development limbo like Prey 2 – a game that was destined to come out last year but never saw the light of day following Bethesda’s split with developer Human Head studios. Rumors have been swirling around like a wildfire today, but multiple sources can now confirm that Arkane Studios, the masterminds behind last year’s stealth-action one-hit wonder Dishonored, have taken the reigns to finish Prey 2.

However, it would seem that Bethesda actually bounced the offer to wrap up the game to Obsidian Studios, who for unknown reasons gave up on the game’s development and that Rebellion Studios turned down the offer in a heartbeat.

What's even more jarring is the fact that many developers over at Arkane have expressed unwillingness in working on Prey 2 for yet undisclosed reasons. It would also seem that Bethesda ordered Arkane studios to scrap the entirety of Human Head’s work on the game and go back to the drawing board, and that the game is now not due until least 2016.

That’s right. That marks ten years since the original Prey was released on Xbox 360 and PC in 2006. If this is starting to scream Duke Nukem: Forever to you, then I wouldn't blame you.

This is very perplexing seeing how Prey 2 was showcased at E3 last year as the many trailers and gameplay demos unveiled hinted at a near-finished, fully playable product. Now, that’s all been thrown in the trashcan.

We'll be sure to keep you updated on one of the most bizarre development cycles in recent memory. 


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