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Princeless Volume 2 Coming Soon – Pre-Order and Preview Now!

The award-winning Princeless series is back! The inspirational Princess Adrienne is back to rescue her sisters, with the help of her new friend Bedella… and the hindrance of a few bounty hunters on their tails!  The second volume will continue to be written by Jeremy Whitley and drawn by Emily C. Martin, the two behind the first volume of Princeless which not only won the “Best Heroine” Glyph award but also the “Best Writer” and “Best Story” awards and was also nominated for two Eisner’s: “Best Series for Ages 8 – 12” and “Best Single Issue.” The series was also nominated for other rewards and was one of the best review books in 2011 – 2012 (I should know – I’ve exulted it myself with a rating of 9.4, possibly the highest rating I’ve ever given a comic book).   You can preorder Princeless Volume 2, Issue 1 from Diamond today with order code STK522144.  Preview: Princeless Vol.2 #1 Cover Princeless Vol.2 #1 page 1 Princeless Vol.2 #1 page 2 Princeless Vol.2 #1 page 3 Princeless Vol.2 #1 page 4 Princeless Vol.2 #1 page 4 As a pretty big admirer of the Princeless series myself, check out some of my articles about the inspirational, all-ages series! Princeless #1 – Review Princeless #2 – Review Action Lab’s Princeless and other comics on comiXology  Writer Jeremy Whitley Interview Artist Emily C. Martin Interview  


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An all-around nerdette, I’m a comic book connoisseur, horror aficionado, video game addict, anime enthusiast and an aspiring novelist/comic book writer. I am the head of the comic book department and the editor-in-chief of Entertainment Fuse. I also write and edit articles for Comic Frontline. I am also an intern at Action Lab Entertainment, a comic book publisher at which I edit comic book scripts, help work on images in solicitations and help with other comic book related project. My own personal website is comicmaven.com.

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