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The Killing – From Up Here/The Road to Hamelin Review: A Killer Revealed, as Promised

In the final episode of The Killing’s third season, Twitch and Lyric look towards the future, Linden mounts a search for a missing person, Holder faces problems at work, and a killer is revealed.

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The Killing – Six Minutes Review: Oh, the Acting

In the penultimate episode of the third season, Linden travels to the prison to make a last ditch attempt to save Ray Seward, we learn some interesting facts about the night of Tricia Seward’s death, and prison guards Becker and Henderson ready for the execution.

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The Killing – Reckoning Review: A Plethora of Clues and a Compelling New Suspect

Linden and Holder arrest another suspect in the murders, Holder makes a heartbreaking discovery, characters wrestle with guilt and responsibility, and Seward holds out hope for a miracle.

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The Killing – Try Review: Forward Momentum

Linden finds herself trapped with a crazy person, Holder and Bullet have a falling out, Seward protests his innocence, and Bullet makes a poor decision with devastating consequences.

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The Killing – Hope Kills Review: Yet Another Suspect and Some Necessary Back Story

Linden and Holder pursue a new suspect, Pastor Mike, Ray Seward confronts his own mortality, Bullet and Lyric grow closer, and one of the homeless teens is in serious danger.

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