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Throughout high school and college, I have aspired to write for videogames, and in the meantime, put to use my skills in analysis on the reception end of things.

Besides graphics-intensive shooters and AAA titles, I also have a vested interest in RTS and RPGs. Story and how it impacts gameplay are the two biggest measures of a game's worth to me. The rest are details.

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Read Full Article E3 2017

Top 10 Events to Look Forward to at E3

As the school year ends and summer begins, gamers everywhere look to E3 for hype and expectations. Be it further developments on games previously announced at past E3s or new IPs, gamers of every stripe find new games and hardware to check out. Among others, several notable upcoming events stick out for special consideration. Number […]

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Hopoo Games Announces Risk of Rain 2, Teases Alpha Footage

A week ago, Hopoo Games announced a sequel to their first release, Risk of Rain. Early teaser footage shows familiar creatures, characters, and abilities making a return with the depth of the Unity engine. Risk of Rain started as a university project that enjoyed financial backing and further growth from Kickstarter. From there, Chucklefish Games […]

Read Full Article PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds cover

An Overview of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Last Man (or Team) Standing On the waves of the trending Twitch streams, battle royale games now feature prominently in the gaming community. Popular titles like H1Z1: King of the Kill, feature a wide pool of over a hundred players looking for weapons to survive against competitors for as long as they can. The foremost […]

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The Rise of Remasters And Competitive Gaming

StarCraft Remastered Announced On March 26th, Blizzard released a trailer for a remastered version of the first StarCraft game. The original classic hit stores in 1998. Its release became a hit among strategy gamers and became an immortal pioneer of the growing competitive sphere. Many common terms and precedents were set by Korean gamers that […]

Read Full Article Mass Effect: Andrmeda title screen

Initial Observations on Mass Effect Andromeda Patch 1.05

BioWare released patch 1.05 to Mass Effect: Andromeda today. It addresses numerous issues surrounding minor shortcomings in graphics (especially the upper face) and bugs in gameplay. I set out to review these changes for myself, but I ran into early problems exclusive to the PC version. As it stands, the patch itself causes some¬†PC¬†editions of […]

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