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The Bionic Woman #5 Review

When Jaime Sommers comes knocking at OSI Headquarters, will anyone open the door? And while Oscar Goldman and Jaime hash out their troubles, is there division in the enemy ranks? And is there a new love interest for Jaime, coming from an unexpected source? Find out the truth behind it all in an issue where Jaime finds that bullets, luck, and gravity are all playing for wrong team this time.

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The Spider #5 Review

Anput has New York City and the Spider at her mercy, but she’s not done yet.  As she unveils her final plot, Wentworth must pay an extraordinarily high price for justice and his life will change forever.   Friends will fall and foes will risk everything to escape the clutches of the Spider!  From the corridors of power to the skies above the city, it’s the thrilling, pulptastic conclusion to the first arc!

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Science Is The New Rock ‘N’ Roll In Image’s Nowhere Men

Imagine the “Fab Four” are not rock ‘n’ rollers John, Paul, George and Ringo – The Beatles; leading the British music invasion that started a pop-culture revolution including The Rolling Stones and The Who, and influenced California’s surf sound of The Beach Boys and the music genre of an entire era. Imagine the “Fab Four” is Dade, Simon, Emerson and Thomas, ushering in a new boom of scientific advancement, changing the world and becoming the most celebrated scientists of all time. It’s easy if you try. 

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Aquaman #0 Review

Arthur Curry, before the world knew him as Aquaman. When Arthur’s father, lighthouse keeper, Tom, passes away, Arthur sets off in search of his mother and his people. He searches for a place to fit in. His ability to communicate with sea life develops. After rescuing a young woman and her father tossed about on their boat by a storm, the father gives Arthur a lead on Atlantis. A man named Vulko may have the answers Arthur is looking for.

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The Shadow Annual #1 Review

The Shadow is tormented by visions of New York City plagued by living fire-fire in the shape of a Chinese dragon-fire with the potential to spread hungrily to the world. But what do these visions mean? The Shadow will peel back the layers of mystery, leading to a confrontation that could very well shake the pillars of Heaven. Who are the waifs of Li-Lung, and what are their connections to Brother Pritchard’s Orphanage for Wayward Children, and to crime boss on the rise, Vincent Ruzzo? Soon, the Shadow will know.

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