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The Following: The Poet’s Fire Review – The Show Hits a Solid Stride

As per usual, this new episode of “The Following” starts off quite nicely, with a bang. It is now evident that every episode will begin with showing the events that led up to the suspensful ending of the previous episode.

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The Following- Chapter Two Review: It’s Getting Better

The Following episode 2 shows some improvements over the pilot.

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The Following – Pilot Review: A Lukewarm Start but has Potential

The Following pilot premieres on Fox, it has promise wIth a mixed bag of good acting with some very sub-par performances.

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Three Actors Confirmed to Return to American Horror Story

Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters confirmed to return to American Horror Story for Third Season.

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Toni Collette Cast in New CBS Pilot from Jerry Bruckheimer

Toni Collette just cast in new CBS pilot, Hostages. Jerry Bruckheimer will produce.

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