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Grimm – Trial By Fire Review

This week’s Grimm had equally impressive elements. Someone from Nick’s past returns, a Phoenix is heating things up, and Juliette put Adalind in her place. Really, the most interesting out of the bunch was Adalind getting dragged through that house by Juliette. This new Phoenix (Excandesco) is new even to the known Wesen. This mysterious […]

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Gotham – The Scarecrow Review

After chasing Selina around Gotham, holding our breaths with Oswald, trying to figure out Edward’s riddles, and Ivy’s… whatever, Gotham has finally given us the origins of a villain. The Scarecrow, who has huge father issues, has been born. Yes, anyone can argue that the villains so far have begun their origins, but the Scarecrow […]

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Grimm- Marechaussee Review

It took them long enough to create a Wesen bounty hunter. It only makes sense this bounty hunter would work for The Council. This bounty hunter, played by Arnold Vosloo, turns out to be the venomous Manticore. The Manticore is half lion and half scorpion who kill its victims by sticking its scorpion tail into […]

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Grimm – Death Do Us Part Review

After last week’s stressful Monroe rescue, it is good to see that things are starting to get back to normal in Grimm. This week’s Death Do Us Part brought us back to the slow, normal pace that we are used to. Nick is off solving his Wesen crimes, while everyone else figures out their personal […]

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Gotham – What The Little Bird Told Him Review

Well, Monday’s Gotham was a disappointment. As it turns out Gruber is not the one I wished he was. His main and only purpose was to get Gordon his job back. My hopes for a concrete villain washed out like Gruber’s electrifying device. Although, the show had a few appealing moments to keep the show […]

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