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The Manhattan Projects #10 – Advanced Review

I think issue 10 of The Manhattan Projects is, without a doubt, the best issue of the young series.  I am sure there has been an underground comic or a web comic that has mined similar ideas, but Hickman is one of the most mainstream writers to base an entire issue on a mindscape. 

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Hickman continues plot to write all comics with East of West

Jonathan Hickman apparently wants my entire comic budget to to go to him.  Not only did he write the excellent Fantastic Four and FF, but now he’s writing an equally exciting Avengers and New Avengers.  (And maybe still working on SHIELD?)But that’s only at Marvel.  He also has the consistently awesome The Manhattan Projects, Secret, and now East of West

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Are live action movies the best medium for comic adaptations?

Is there a better way for people to experience comics outside of comics?  Or are movies the best we’ve got?

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The Manhattan Projects #9 – Review: Revenge of the Nerds

This issue of The Manhattan Projects has the protagonists (I’m not so sure I’d use the word heroes) dealing with the aftermath of being double-crossed by Roosevelt and the other members of the Illuminati.  For the most part the issue is a revenge issue and Hickman does not disappoint in providing amusing and sometimes grotesque ways for the scientists to deal with their foes. 

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How Will Peter Parker Return?

As you know, in Amazing Spider-Man #700 Peter Parker did not succeed in getting back into his body.  We all know this can’t remain the status quo, but at least it shouldn’t require a silly resurrection because Parker’s body is still available.

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