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A Western Primer for ‘Django Unchained’: The Films that Inspired Quentin Tarantino

Excited for Django Unchained? Before you head out to the theater, check this guide to cinephile Quentin Tarantino’s genre influences to catch all the Western homages.

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Now Playing: Jack Reacher, This Is 40 and More

Judd Apatow’s This Is 40 and Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher will try to de-throne The Hobbit from its box office perch this weekend (hint: they won’t).

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New ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer Soars

The new trailer for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel promises epic action and moral complexities worthy of Christopher Nolan’s prominent involvement.

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Nicolas Winding Refn and Denzel Washignton Team Up for ‘The Equalizer’

The project already has its star in Denzel Washington, who — as per the original show’s premise — will play a retired intelligence officer that hires himself out as a freelance problem-solver.

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Ty Burrell Joins ‘The Muppets 2’ in Place of Christoph Waltz

Emmy winner Ty Burrell, popular actor of ABC’s Modern Family, has joined the cast of Disney’s sequel to its successful reboot of The Muppets.

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