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TV critic based in Chicago. When not watching and writing about awesome television shows, I can be found lamenting over the latest disappointing performance by any of the various Chicago sports teams or my beloved Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Follow me @JeanHenegan on Twitter.

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Carnival Row (Spoiler-Free) Review

I really wanted to like Carnival Row, the new fantasy series from Amazon. I really did. I was ready to throw in the towel after watching three of the eight episodes in the first season (the series has already been renewed for a second), but then I read some early reviews that urged it gets […]

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Veronica Mars Season Four (Spoiler-Free) Review

There’s a lot to like about the fourth season* of Veronica Mars, which will drop on Hulu Friday, July 26. If you are one of the show’s many Marshmallows, thrilled at the chance to spend some more time with Veronica (Kristen Bell), Keith (Enrico Colantoni), and Logan (Jason Dohring), you’ll certainly be happy with season […]

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Chernobyl Review

Chernobyl, the excellent miniseries from HBO that recently completed its five-episode run, is many things. A story about a tragedy from the recent past, a look into the bureaucracy that plagued the Soviet Union in its waning years, a deep dive into the terrifying effects of nuclear power (and what it can do to help […]

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The Handmaid’s Tale Season Three (Spoiler-Free) Review

I was, let’s say, less than pleased with The Handmaid’s Tale season two finale. I railed against the decision to have June come so close to escape a grand total of three times over the course of the season only to decide (after many people in precarious situations risked their lives to help her) to […]

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Good Omens (Spoiler-Free) Review

Since I finished reading Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s novel “Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter” back in high school, I’ve wanted to see what the story would look like on screen. I recall there being rumors of a film adaptation, starring the late Robin Williams and the late Alan Rickman […]

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