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Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Slated for September 19th

The rumor mill was back swirling for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite yesterday and today Capcom has officially responded with a new trailer. This latest clip features heavily on the game’s story as Ultron and Sigma (from the Mega Man X series) join forces to take over the world using the Infinity Stones. You can watch […]

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Persona 5 Review

As someone who doesn’t play a lot of JRPGs, there’s something special about the Persona series that gets me hooked. I’m more interested in how grounded, themes and issues these games bring compared to most of what the genre offers. In other words, I do like that it tackles issues similar to what we deal […]

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Star Wars Battlefront II Official Trailer

As if yesterday’s teaser for Episode VIII: The Last Jedi was enough, another big trailer hit today that has Star Wars fans very excited. Despite the leaks from earlier this week, Star Wars Battlefront II is gonna be a big sequel for EA and DICE. The game will be out on November 17th for Playstation […]

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Releases in August

Naughty Dog announced a whole bunch of details for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy today. Firstly, the game will be out on August 22nd for $39.99. Considering the length supposedly being as long as the earlier Uncharted entries, the price does make sense. Along with the announcements, the developers released a new trailer with Chloe and […]

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King of Fighters XIV Character DLC Out on April 5th

Over the past few weeks, SNK has been rolling out character announcements for The King of Fighters XIV DLC. We already seen Whip, Vanessa and Yamazaki be official, but today’s announcement of the final character was someone heavily requested. That’s right, Rock Howard finally makes his return and surprisingly his mainline KOF debut. The trailer for […]

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