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Top 10 Sports Movies Based on True Stories

The story of Jackie Robinson is an essential one in the history of sports in America. This weekend, it gets its own Hollywood movie with the release of 42. In its honor, we’re counting down the ten best sports movies based on true stories.

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Olympus Has Fallen Review: Die Hard in the White House

The oddly hilarious new thriller Olympus Has Fallen has and will continue to earn comparisons to Die Hard. Such comparisons are understandable, but they do the action classic a disservice. 

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The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Review: No Magic in This New Comedy

Without its A-list cast, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone would have been sent straight to DVD shelves. By the time it reaches its conclusion, you’ll be ready to boo the cast and crew off the stage.

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Die Hard 2 Review: A Worthy Sequel to an All-Time Great

To top the original Die Hard would have been damn near impossible. That director Renny Harlin followed it up with something as entertaining as Die Hard 2 is both surprising and satisfying.

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Die Hard Review: The Mother of All Action Movies

There’s a reason why, 25 years after its release, John McTiernan’s Die Hard is such a ubiquitous film. There’s a reason why it’s been sequelized and duplicated to death. There’s a reason why, following it, Bruce Willis became a star. It’s because Die Hard is awesome.

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