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Warm Bodies Review: The Sweetest Zombie Movie You’ll Ever See

Jonathan Levine’s Warm Bodies takes two tried-and-true movie formulas — the romantic comedy and the zombie movie — and smashes them together into something greater and more surprising than the sum of its parts.

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Top 10 Anthology Movies

To celebrate the release of Movie 43, we’re celebrating the lost art of anthology filmmaking.

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5 Possible Directors for ‘Jurassic Park IV’

The long bandied about Jurassic Park IV was officially announced this weekend with a June 13, 2014 in mind. Here are five directors we think would be available and up to the task.

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Christopher Nolan Looks to the Future for ‘Interstellar’

With the Dark Knight trilogy behind him, Christopher Nolan is looking toward the future—literally. The director’s newest film will be Interstellar, based on a screenplay written by Nolan’s brother, Jonathan. 

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2013 Golden Globes Predictions

Anything is possible for tonight’s Golden Globes, but our money is on Argo and Ben Affleck to take home the night’s big prizes.

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