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DISCussion: New on DVD and Blu-ray (7.14.15)

We have such fantastic releases the week, we were not able to pick just one as the most desirable. With fantastic performances from Juliette Binoche in Clouds of Sils Maria, and three gorgeous Criterion restorations (Hiroshima Mon Amour, Black Stallion and Here is Your Life), choosing a standout feature was a real challenge. Therefore, because of […]

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DISCussion: New on DVD and Blu-ray (5.26.15)

With the dearth of new releases this week – and the fact that both are completely unworthy of purchase – Orson Welles’ noir-killing Touch of Evil easily wins the title of Recommendation of the Week. Finishing off a solid group of re-releases, a pair of political thrillers from director Costa-Gavras provide plenty of reasons to empty […]

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Trailer Watch: Black Mass Trailer #2

After his trial captured the imagination of a nation and became the subject of a documentary by Joe Berlinger, the life of James J. “Whitey” Bulger was all but certain to get the Hollywood treatment. Attracting names like Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dakota Johnson and Joel Edgerton, the life and crimes of Whitey Bulger will take center stage […]

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Poltergeist Review

Gil Kenan may have brought Poltergeist into the 21st century (ditching the spooky CRT television for a glitchy iPhone), but much like the film’s desecrated graveyard, it should probably have been left alone. Vacant sarcasm and narrative banality prevail over fresh ideas, ensuring Poltergeist‘s spot among the myriad of needlessly “updated” horror films remade only […]

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Top 5 Horror Movies Begging for a Reboot

This weekend’s release of Poltergeist is not the first horror remake/reboot, nor is it—by any means—the last. Hollywood (and by extension, the world) has always had an obsession with piggybacking off of the success of popular films, the horror genre in particular. Countless reproductions of Dracula and Frankenstein have dotted the history of film, and […]

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