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Alien: Isolation Review

From the moment you start the game, Alien: Isolation makes damn well sure you know that you are playing a game that has been tailored by people who truly love the saga of the infamous Xenomorph. From the initial VHS style opening to the ambiguous, unnerving menu screen, it is apparent that Ridley Scott’s classic […]

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The Mystery of Silent Hills

When P.T initially came out it hardly made a ripple, seemingly swept under the rug at Sony’s Gamescom conference. However, when people started to get their hands on it, it quickly became apparent that P.T was more than just a new indie title coming from some unknown developer. The horrifying download was quickly revealed to […]

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The Evil Within is Really Aiming to Scare the Pants off of You

The Evil Within is quickly approaching release and is looking to make true survival horror relevant again in games. A new trailer was released during the Tokyo Game Show and while I have had my doubts about Evil Within, this trailer has brought me some hope. I now may just have to pick the game […]

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Alien: Isolation is Getting A Season Pass

If you are like me and can’t enough Alien, you may be in for a pleasant surprise. Alien: Isolation will be receiving a large helping of DLC post launch to support the Survivor Mode. The Survivor Mode has been shown off plenty of times and revolves around the player trying to escape the Alien on […]

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Battlefield 4: Final Stand DLC Revealed

With Battlefield: Hardline coming out early next year, it only makes sense to put a cap on the troubled yet incredibly fun Battlefield 4. The Final Stand looks to do just that by bringing something entirely new to the Battlefield 4 experience, largely snowy landscapes and prototype weapons. Details are slim but what we do know […]

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