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I am the Co-Founder and CTO of Entertainment Fuse. Thank you for viewing my profile. If you have any questions, comments or if you found any bugs with the website, contact me anytime. I love chatting with our community!

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Comic Fans on Comic Movies: Green Lantern The Movie

Being that this is the comic section who better to ask about this summer’s up coming comic book movie releases. In this feature we take a look at the up coming Green Lantern release. This is DC’s and parent companies first venture outside of Batman and Superman (not counting the Wonder Woman and Flash TV shows), so it’s a pretty big deal. Many comic fans were instantly crushed by the casting of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordon so we decided to take a look at a hand full of released images both official and unofficial and give our thoughts and comments. Feel free to leave yours in the comments below or on the message board.

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Skip Sanctum, See The Descent

Though Sanctum wasn’t really up to snuff, one spelunking nightmare done right shows us what this premise is capable of. The Descent was a hit at the Sundance Film Festival back in 2006 in the horror-oriented Park City at Midnight section. Featuring an all-female cast and a relatively green director, the film frightened audiences with its claustrophobic compositions and bleak, realistic outlook on the situation. 

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Stomp Space Zombies For One-Third Less

It’s been two weeks since Dead Space 2 launched and those of you who have been waiting for the first big price break have less than a day to take advantage of Amazon’s gaming Deal of The Day.  For today only (Monday the 7th) you can get Dead Space 2 on any platform for one third off of the regular edition, or one quarter off the Collectors’ Edition.

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Shawn Levy to direct James Cameron-produced “Fantastic Voyage” in 3D

Shawn Levy will direct the upcoming sci-fi flick Fantastic Voyage; famed director James Cameron will take up producing duties. Deadline Hollywood reports that directors Darren Aronofsky, Louis Leterrier, and Timur Bekmambetov each discussed the project with Cameron upon Paul Greengrass’s departure from the director’s seat. Fantastic Voyage is based on the 1966 film of the same name, which focused on shrunken scientists trying to save the life of a colleague.

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Onslaught Unleashed… Again

Remember X-Man #15 back in1996 when Onslaught first appeared? Show up with a wacky voice, scaring people then chatted with Jean Grey, punked Juggernaut and locked him up in the Gem of Cyttorak (the source of Juggernaut’s power, man that was dumb), then basically stomped the X-Men. Well he’s back…again, bursting from the Negative Zone. Just where they left him in the end of Onslaught: Reborn.

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