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More DLC Incoming for Mass Effect 3

BioWare announces that the next DLC for Mass Effect 3 will take players to Omega to team up with Aria T’Loak and take back her precious station. New enemies, new weapons, and cited as the most expansive add-on to date, per producer Michael Gamble. Omega DLC will be released November 27th for $14.99. In addition, single-player folks receive another weapons pack–the Groundside Resistance pack–which is available now on all platforms for $1.99.

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Dishonored – Review

Kasey shapeshifts, teleports, neck-stabs, and mind controls her way through the grimy streets of Dunwall in Dishonored.

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BioWare’s Past, Present, and Future

BioWare began as a small, game developing company in Canada founded by Greg Zeschuk, Ray Muzyka, and Augustine Rip. The founders found they had a penchant for roleplaying games and, thus, became what they are today: One of the best developers for the roleplaying game-genre. Now with Greg and Ray departing the company, many wonder what decisions the company will make and how its famous game franchises (Mass Effect, Dragon Age) will take to the new environment. Will BioWare keep its culture and core values, or will the company succumb to the pressures of Electronic Arts?

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“Retaliation” Will Be the Largest Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer DLC to Date

BioWare recently announced another free multiplayer DLC for Mass Effect 3 that will be available October 9th on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC (or Oct 10th for PS3 users in Europe). “Retaliation” will include a new enemy faction, new class kits to unlock, hazardous maps and traps; as well as unlockable weapons, and upgrades. The newest DLC will be the largest expansion so far, compared to the other packs that have been released (Resurgence, Rebellion, and Earth Packs).

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Want to Earn a Quick $20? Spend $100 with This PSN Promotion

Spend $100 this month on games on the PlayStation Network store and earn $20 credit to spend in November. Use this promotion to take advantage of the PlayStation Plus program, Day 1 Digital, and Digital Essentials programs.

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