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Parks and Recreation – One in 8,000 Review: Big News, Decent Episode

For some reason, this episode sped by with alarming speed. I think I kept expecting someone to yell out “You’ve been punked!” I mean, triplets?! Count on Leslie to knock something like procreating out of the park. Of course, from the 99 cent pregnancy test to the questionable Dr. Saperstein—who thought a speck of cream […]

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Parks and Recreation – Flu Season 2 Review: Misdirect Proves Successful

I thought I had outsmarted the Parks and Rec crew. The promo promising big news while showing Leslie vomiting in a trash bin couldn’t possibly mean she was pregnant, especially not so soon after Ann gave birth. It was a misdirect, pure and simple. Leslie had the flu, and it was going to be just […]

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Parks and Recreation – Prom Review: An Affair to Remember

When did creative promposals become such a huge fad? The “promposal” hashtag on Instagram has over 30,000 posts, ranging from colorful posters to rose petals spelling out “Prom?” Of course, you can count on Leslie to be on top of the trend by surprising Ben with a momentarily deafening explosion of confetti along with a […]

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Parks and Recreation – Galentine’s Day Review: Great Character-Driven Episode

I can’t hate the fact that Leslie loves too much and too hard. I mean, when has she ever done anything half-assed in her life? And showing that Carrie Mathison-inspired web of information on the wall in the cold open—with a fun wink to Showtime, the network that broadcasts Homeland, and its potential merits as […]

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Parks and Recreation – New Slogan Review: A Satisfying Continuation

Last week, I grumbled about the fact that Leslie and Ben didn’t talk about her National Park Service job offer. I thought it was such a missed opportunity to show off their great dynamic as a couple. Well, I don’t know why I ever doubted Parks and Rec because this episode gave us some great […]

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